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Cyber Monday Sale on nonstop flights

28/Nov/2023 02:40:14

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Black Friday JetBlue Sale WOW !

22/Nov/2023 06:15:49

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54684 Flights a day !!
The number of travelers flying to their destinations during Memorial Day weekend set a pandemic-era record, according to federal data. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 2.74 million people on Friday, the highest number since Thanksgiving weekend in 2019. The agency said it screened 9.8 million people over the four-day weekend, about 300,000 more than the same period in 2019.

06/Jun/2023 03:42:08

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Climate Change Causing More Flight Turbulance ?
Climate change is having a significant impact on flight turbulence. As the Earth's atmosphere warms, the jet stream is shifting northward, which is leading to more wind shear and clear-air turbulence. Wind shear is a sudden change in wind speed or direction, and it can cause planes to experience sudden bumps and jolts. Clear-air turbulence is turbulence that occurs without clouds, and it can be just as severe as turbulence that occurs in clouds.

06/Jun/2023 03:30:02

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Breaking news Alaska Air To Buy Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 Billion
On Sunday, Alaska Air Group revealed its intention to acquire Hawaiian Airlines for a sum of $1.9 billion. This unexpected strategic move positions Alaska to embark on international expansion, utilizing a fleet that includes long-haul widebody jets serving routes across the Pacific Ocean, connecting to destinations such as Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

04/Dec/2023 04:41:40

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