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    Here are some American Airlines toll-free numbers for customers based in the United States:

    - Reservations: 1-800-433-7300
    - Customer Relations: 1-800-222-2377
    - AAdvantage Customer Service: 1-800-882-8880
    - Refunds: 1-918-254-3777
    - Baggage: 1-800-535-5225
    - Disability Assistance: 1-800-735-2988
    - Spanish-speaking Reservations: 1-800-633-3711
    - Spanish-speaking Customer Relations: 1-800-633-3711
    - Hearing and speech impaired assistance (TTY): 1-800-543-1586

    Note that some of these numbers may have different hours of operation or availability depending on
    the specific service or department you are trying to reach.


    Though above information is verified by our Team, These numbers are subject to change without prior notice by American Airlines. If you are not able to get through any of the above number , Please reach our team to report the same.

    American Airlines

    American Airlines

    American Airlines is a major US-based airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. It is the largest airline in the world when measured by fleet size, scheduled passengers carried, and revenue passenger mile. American, together with its regional partners and affiliates, operates an extensive international and domestic network with almost 6,800 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries.

    American Airlines was started in 1930 via a union of more than eighty small airlines.[10] The two organizations from which American Airlines was originated were Robertson Aircraft Corporation and Colonial Air Transport. The former was first created in Missouri in 1921, with both being merged in 1929 into holding company The Aviation Corporation. This, in turn, was made in 1930 into an operating company and rebranded as American Airways.


    As of January 2023, American Airlines operates the largest commercial fleet in the world, comprising 933 aircraft from both Boeing and Airbus, with an additional 161 planned or on order. Over 80% of American's aircraft are narrow-bodies, mainly Airbus A320 series and the Boeing 737-800. It is the largest A320 series aircraft operator in the world, as well as the largest operator of the A319 and A321 variants. It is the fourth-largest operator of 737 family aircraft and second-largest operator of the 737-800 variant.

    On August 16, 2022, American announced that a deal had been confirmed with Boom Supersonic to purchase at least 20 of their Overture supersonic airliners and potentially up to 60 in total. American Airlines operates aircraft maintenance and repair bases at the Charlotte, Chicago O'Hare, Dallas–Fort Worth, Pittsburgh (where all its Airbus narrowbody aircraft are maintained), and Tulsa airports.


    As of July 2022, American Airlines flies to 269 domestic destinations and 81 international destinations in 48 countries (as of January 2022) in five continents.


    Miles accumulated in the program allow members to redeem tickets, upgrade service class, or obtain free or discounted car rentals, hotel stays, merchandise, or other products and services through partners. The most active members, based on the amount and price of travel booked, are designated AAdvantage Gold, AAdvantage Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum Pro, and AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite members, with privileges such as separate check-in, priority upgrade, and standby processing, or free upgrades. They also receive similar privileges from AA's partner airlines, particularly those in oneworld.


    American Airlines Pet Policy

    American Airlines allows passengers to travel with their pets either in the cabin or as checked baggage. Here are the general guidelines for their pet policy:

    1. In-Cabin Pets
    - Small dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the cabin as long as they meet the following requirements:
    - Must be at least 8 weeks old.
    - The pet and its carrier must not weigh more than 20 pounds combined.
    - The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you.
    - You must provide your own soft-sided carrier.
    - American Airlines charges a fee of $125 each way for in-cabin pets.

    2. Checked Pets
    - American Airlines also allows pets to be transported as checked baggage.
    - Checked pets will travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft.
    - American Airlines charges a fee for checked pets, which varies depending on the size of the pet and the destination.

    3. Restrictions and Limitations
    - Certain breeds of dogs and cats are not permitted to travel on American Airlines.
    - There are restrictions on the number of pets that can travel on a single flight.
    - During extreme temperatures, American Airlines may place restrictions on the transport of pets.

    Before traveling with your pet, make sure to contact American Airlines to confirm their specific requirements and to make arrangements for your pet's travel.

    American Airlines Baggage Policy

    American Airlines baggage policy allows passengers to bring a certain amount of baggage on board depending on their ticket type, destination, and frequent flyer status. Here are the general guidelines for American Airlines baggage policy:

    Carry-on baggage:

    - One personal item such as a purse, laptop bag or small backpack is allowed in addition to one carry-on bag.
    - Carry-on bags must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
    - Maximum dimensions for carry-on bags are 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 23 cm), including wheels and handles.

    Checked baggage:

    - For domestic flights within the U.S., the standard checked baggage allowance is up to 50 pounds (23 kg) and up to 62 inches (158 cm) in overall dimensions (length + width + height).
    - For international flights, checked baggage allowances may vary depending on the destination, so passengers are advised to check the specific requirements for their itinerary.

    - Fees apply for checked baggage, and the amount depends on the ticket type, frequent flyer status, and the number and weight of bags.

    Excess baggage:
    - Fees apply for baggage that exceeds the standard checked baggage allowance.
    - Additional charges apply for oversized and overweight bags, as well as for any bags that exceed the maximum allowed number of bags per passenger.

    Special items:
    - American Airlines allows passengers to bring certain special items such as musical instruments, sports equipment, and medical devices, but they may be subject to additional fees and restrictions.
    - Passengers are advised to contact American Airlines customer service or check their website for more information on the policies and fees for special items.

    Please note that the above information is a general guideline for American Airlines baggage policy, and specific rules and fees may vary depending on the itinerary, fare class, and frequent flyer status. Passengers are advised to check the airline's website or contact customer service for the most up-to-date and accurate information.


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    Get airline customer service number and details